Corporate Services Inc.

Services Provided: Payroll (onsite or remote), full cycle recruitment, general HR/HSEQ services and administrative duties, dismissals, performance management, compensation analysis, conducting COR audits, building Safety Programs (COR), Legal compliance and interpretation, standardized form creation, employee handbooks, incident investigations, mediation services, employee contracts, independent contractor contracts, confidentiality/non-compete/non-solicit agreements and much more including a proprietary software to ensure processes and workflows are followed without hesitation saving time and money .... Operational Efficiency & Streamlining Administrative Processes is our ultimate goal for every client - big or small. 

HSEQ (Safety)
Employment Law & OHS
HR Recruitment


Expert HR & HSEQ Advisors

Your HR & HSEQ (Safety) Division - Fully Outsourced Team

Cornerstone is the HR and HSEQ (Safety) Division for clients without an in-house team. We also partner with existing teams in a supportive role taking on tasks or projects. 

We are modeled on collaboration: we do not mandate and/or operate in isolation. Solution to all HR/HSEQ challenges are made in collaboration with your team; Cornerstone is NOT the HR Police! We certainly support compliance and ensure the team is educated in a supportive not a punitive manner.